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  3. "The haptic and tactile feedback of a Kindle does not provide the same support for mental reconstruction of a story as a print pocket book does."
    — Researchers at Norway’s Stavanger University say that you’re less likely to remember stuff reading it from a Kindle than you are a book, and the fact that you don’t have to turn the page may be part of the reason. (via yahighway)

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  4. "Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful."
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    had to shut a bitch down today

    And that’s how public shootings and school shootings and shit like that happen. I’m not saying that this dude is not creepy as fuck, but this is not the way to handle this! He didn’t say anything mean (on purpose), and when you shut him down like that how the fuck do you think he’s going to react? He must know he’s somewhat creepy, but when a complete stranger that he adores tells him so vividly how creepy he is, that must wreck his world. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised if he bought a gun (legally, but that’s a different issue) and went in to the store he knows you fucking work at. Just be nice to people fuck.

    Alright, you know what? I don’t want to reblog this post. I want this post to die. And I have never once reblogged to reply to someone else’s comment on this post. But this one? This one I’m fucking gonna, because how. dare. you.

    Are you seriously one of those slimy, inhuman grease traps of a human being who blame VICTIMS OF SHOOTINGS FOR THE FUCKING SHOOTINGS

    Don’t you EVER come at me and try to tell me that I need to be responsible, personally responsible, for the mental satisfaction of the kind of monsters who would do something like that. Don’t you ever tell me I have to let myself be uncomfortable around people who LITERALLY STALK ME and put on a big smile and let them down gently because in your twisted little brain it is MY JOB TO KEEP THEM FROM KILLING PEOPLE

    H O W   F U C K I N G   D A R E   Y O U

    YOU are the problem. YOU are the kind of person who justifies that kind of senseless violence by saying WELL IF SHE HAD JUST GIVEN HIM A CHANCE




    Are you fucking proud of that? Are you proud that that’s the tiny drop you choose to drop into society’s bucket? 

    I don’t care if it ‘wrecked his world’ when he was called out on his socially unacceptable, disgusting behavior. I don’t caaaaaaaare

    His actions are HIS actions. His actions are HIS fault

    the next time I see a tragedy like the elliot rodger shooting on the news, I’m gonna think of all the vile comments from people online that say it all could have been avoided if the people he threatened and menaced would just relinquish their bodies and their comfort and their personal space for him, and I’m gonna  s e e   y o u r   f a c e  and I hope you fucking know it.

    Don’t you ever talk to me. I am sick to my stomach over your fucking bullshit.

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    More nature here

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    Out of the Deep by North Sky Photography

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  9. …It has been awhile tumblr, I’ve actually missed you. 


  10. "We are people to whom the past is forever speaking. We listen to it because we cannot help ourselves, for the past speaks to us with many voices. Far out of that dark nowhere which is the time before we were born, men who were flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone went through fire and storm to break a path to the future. We are part of the future they died for; they are part of the past that brought the future. What they did- the lives they lived, the sacrifices they made, the stories they told and the songs they sang and, finally, the death they died- make up a part of our own experience. We cannot cut ourselves off from it. It is as real to us as something that happened last week. It is a basic part of our heritage as Americans."

    Bruce Catton, historian

    I’m going to have this printed on cards and whenever someone asks me why I study history, I’m just going to hand one to them silently and walk away.

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    Thought this was beautiful, and had to reblog it!

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  11. "When I have kids i’m going to raise them in such a gender-equal environment
    it’s not even gonna be funny.
    I am going to help my son put on
    eyeliner and let him decide whether he wants to wear
    dresses or pants.
    I am going to ask my daughter if she enjoys having boobs
    and if not well then, fuck, we’ll do
    something about it.
    I am going to make sure my children know that it is ok
    to love whoever the fuck they want
    and that it is perfectly normal for
    boys to have vaginas
    and girls to have penises.
    I will give my children the opportunity to choose the
    religion they see fit, not just
    raise them on whatever bullshit
    my ‘ancestry’ believed in.
    I will always make them aware that their
    bodies are the most important thing they own,
    and I will not deny them piercings or tattoos because thier bodies
    are the most important thing
    My children will know that
    mental illness
    is not a weakness,
    and that the deterioration of the environment
    is a very pressing issue.
    I will be sure to imprint in them morals that never change in the eyes of
    and human fucking rights.
    I will not say ‘live your life’ and then tell them to become
    doctors or lawyers
    in the same breath;
    I will tell them that in 60 years,
    they are going to die,
    so they better fucking live
    My children will be the last will and testament of my life and i’m going to make
    damned sure
    that no one can say they weren’t raised
    — growing up in a christian household where education is priority isn’t all its cracked up to be, i mean look at me

    send me your poetry/requests - Don’t Fucking Judge Me Poetry Night

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    BUT OUR FLAG WAS MADE IN CHINA #ruined #our #pride


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    I really worry about which selfie my family would put on the news if I ever went missing. 

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  14. "Literature is all, or mostly, about sex."
    — Anthony Burgess (via wordsnquotes)

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